Anti Fungal Scrub - Fight Feet Odors & Nail Fungus

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        Fight Foot Odor & Toe Nail Fungus 


Fight Feet Odors and Nail Fungus

Do your feet Smell? Are you embarrassed to remove your shoes when there are people around?

Unpleasant Foot Odors can be quite embarrassing.

 Construction workers, Athletes, Teens and just regular people can get a case of  Stinky Feet.   

Using  anti-fungal scrubs on your feet will help fight both foot odors and toe nail fungus. Due to it's antiseptic properties Tea Tree Oil is commonly used as an anti-fungal and antibacterial foot treatment. Peppermint Oil helps to eliminate those "not so pleasant" foot odors and also help to comfort tired feet. Your feet  will be smooth and feel fantastic.

Improve circulation and boost  cell re-growth.

Imagine how good your feet will feel after you treat them to a refreshing scrub.


  • Raw Sugar Infused with Certified Organic  Tea Tree Oil . Peppermint  Essential Oils.   
  • Enriched with Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil . Meadowfoam Oil . Honey & Ultra-Moisturizing  Apricot Oil & Cocoa Butter


Tea Tree oil has been popularly used as an anti-fungal and antibacterial foot treatment due to its antiseptic properties. - See more at:

All of our Scrubs come with an application spoon and a small  container. If using your scrubs while in the shower, you don't want to get any water into your scrubs by way of moisture, steam or water dripping from the fingers tips. Water creates bacteria. Take the amount of scrub that you feel will be needed and put it into the small container. Place the lid back on the original jar and take the small  container into the shower with you. This will keep your main jar fresh and free of bacteria.


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