Sugar Scrubs For Sensitive Skin July 13, 2015 16:28 1 Comment

A picture is worth a thousand words. Two weeks ago while selling our products at the Folsom Blvd Flea Market, a young girl, who is also a vendor there, asked if we had anything to help her hands. She said her hands itched terribly and were breaking out in bumps, rashes, and dry spots. She went to a Dr. who said she had eczema. He prescribed her a cream but after a couple of weeks of using it, she said her hands had not healed and seemed to be getting worse and the itching more intense. She then showed us her hands. Now at that time, we didn't think to take pictures of her hands because we felt so bad for her, the last thing on our mind was to take pictures. Her hands were completely raw from scratching, the backs and palms of her hands were covered with bumps and blisters traveling up past her wrist.  

We recommended using our sugar scrub on her hands every other day and to rub in a small amount of our body butter to her hands and wrist once or twice a day or as needed. 

We saw her 5 days later. This time we took pictures. Her hands were looking better but still had some problem areas. She said the scrubs 

and butter gave her hands so much relief from the itching. She picked up one more small jar of the scrub.

We saw her again in 5 days and this is what her hands looked like. Completely cleared up. She says she loves the way her hands feel now and she was so proud of her hands she got her nails done, which she said,  is something she hadn't done in a long time because she was always too embarrassed.

The skin is the largest organ in the body. It responds to what we put on it.

If we put chemicals, dyes, preservatives, and other harmful man-made ingredients on our skin, then the skin will respond accordingly, it will provide us with eczema, psoriasis, cancer, wrinkles, brown spots, constant itch, dry patches, red blotches, it will become dull, flaky, it will lose its elasticity and make us look older.

We need to treat our skin to all-natural vitamin-enriched butter and oils and pamper ourselves to a regular skincare routine, then our skin will respond and provide us with a smooth soft feeling, it will maintain elasticity keeping us looking young and help soften wrinkles. It will reduce the risk of skin cancers and other skin disorders. Our skin will replace itself with fresh new skin making it vibrant and healthy making us look good.