Menthol Crystals

 Menthol crystals, when derived naturally come from mint oils such as  peppermint.  Once the extraction occurs, the oil is immediately frozen (cold extraction) which forms the menthol crystals.  These crystals, look similar to small oblong rock crystals.  These menthol crystals are a white or clear crystalline substance.

Due of their amazing cooling, analgesic, and anesthetic properties, menthol crystals are extremely helpful in the treating of sunburns and razor burns. Menthol crystals  provides temporary relief of minor aches and pains, as well as sprains in muscles.  Because menthol is antispasmodic, they can also help to reduce muscle cramping and muscle spasms. The cooling sensation gives the feeling of ice, providing some instant relief from the pain.  But, menthol can also penetrate deeply to numb the pain area temporarily.