What is all-natural? April 15, 2022 13:46

What is all-natural?

What does it mean when skincare manufacturers use the terms "natural," "all-natural," or "made with natural ingredients." When we’re talking about skincare, According to Merriam Webster Definition of natural 10:B   defines natural existing in or produced by naturenot artificial”

The FDA governs the cosmetics world, and they do not have a defined meaning for the term “natural”. So, with no regulatory guidelines, many in the cosmetic and skincare industry market their products as “natural” or “all-natural” on their labels.

 Some of these products may contain a couple of natural ingredients, but many also contain synthetic chemicals such as fragrance, dyes, and certain preservatives that may be linked to health problems or may cause irritation to the skin, eyes, and sinuses. Now that doesn’t mean that everything natural is good for your skin. Poison Ivy is not good for your skin

As a consumer, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish what products are safe to use and what products are not. Fancy marketing techniques coupled with fantastic claims can sometimes influence our decision on what we buy.

Now if you’ve never used all-natural skin-care products before, and you’re looking to make the switch, do a little research. Now when I say all-natural, I mean that a product’s ingredients contain no synthetic ingredients at all.

Research and examine the different essential oils, the large variety of plant-based oils, and natural plant-based butters. These nutrient-rich plant-based ingredients are full of fatty acids, high in vitamins, and antioxidants that are excellent for achieving and maintaining healthy skin.

After you’ve done your research, look at all your skincare products at home, check the labels, and if they have any man-made ingredients, throw them out. Start fresh so that when you purchase your new all-natural products you can determine what works best for you.

When you shop for your skincare products do some label browsing. Search for targeted ingredients. If you’re looking for something to soften fine lines, smooth dry skin, eliminate breakouts, and control eczema, then you want a product that contains ingredients that will target those problems.

Now for a skincare product to be effective, you must be consistent with using it. Don’t use it once a month and say, “Hey this stuff doesn’t work”. Also, be patient. You may notice immediate results but depending on the severity of your skin problems it may take more time.

         Enjoy Your Natural Skin Care Journey